Bespoke Dining Packages

At Killarney Races we have listened to our clients and devised a selection of packages that we feel best suits demand. Our Maurice O’Donoghue Suite dining and hospitality options are complemented by Punter Packs complete with food vouchers to explore our casual dining options onsite.

Often a large group attending the races requires something else, they need a reserved base and food included in their package but might prefer Finger Food or a Hot Fork Buffet instead of our standard packages. Our hot fork buffet works exceptionally well in the Glass Bar offering an experience less formal than the Panoramic Restaurant but more relaxed than the Maurice O’Donoghue Suite’s BBQ Menu.

To explore the various options and identify your bespoke dining and hospitality package at Killarney Races please contact our expert hospitality team by email at or phone +353 64 6631 125.