Enhanced facilities and new enterprises at Killarney Racecourse

Enhanced facilities and new enterprises at Killarney Racecourse

Killarney Glamping has sought planning for fifteen bespoke high-end glamping units on the grounds of Killarney Racecourse. Owned by the incredible husband and wife duo, Linda and Mike O’Sullivan, Killarney Glamping have already been in operation in Ballycasheen for over ten years with nothing but rave reviews from guests, local businesses and residents alike. Their unique hospitality offering is similar to what one would expect of any four-star accommodation experience and more while also being positioned at the top end of the tourism market. Together the O’Sullivan’s demonstrate a proven track record that has seen them win numerous tourism accolades, in fact, for the past five years they have been named Killarney’s number one speciality accommodation provider on TripAdvisor. Killarney Glamping works in tangent with local businesses and service providers to ensure a well-rounded offering to their guests and businesses in the local area. They would be a most welcome addition to Killarney Racecourse, a stone throw from the tourism centric town centre of Killarney. A strict noise and night curfew with gates locked at set times and on-site security are all in place. In the proposed plan, residents would be able to enjoy the many amenities already delivered at the venue from golfing and racing to yoga, Celtic Steps and the popular Navé Coffee House.


Killarney Race Company DAC

The business model at Killarney Race Company DAC comprises three unique revenue streams, golfing, horse racing and a commercial venue for tenancy or hire. In each area of the business, the core value of excellence for which the company is renowned is universal. The board and management at Killarney Races are very satisfied that the proposal by Killarney Glamping shares that value. It would offer commercial stability and an alternative revenue stream to the business all the while enhancing the existing offerings at the venue, which the team are so proud of. It will ensure financial security for the business for years to come, gainful employment and assurance of continued support by the business to the many contractors and businesses associated with the venue.


Ross Golf Course

Ross Golf Course is a stunning nine-hole course situated at Killarney Racecourse. Membership has grown exponentially in the last twelve months and it currently stands at an all-time high since the course opened twenty-six years ago. Should the planning application by Killarney Glamping be successful, it will involve the construction of a new green and tee box at the second hole of the course. This will ensure the course maintains its double Par 5 standard and will further enhance the overall golfing experience at Ross Golf Course which the team there are very excited about indeed.

There has been significant investment and development of the golfing facilities in recent months at Ross Golf Course, as like many businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic it allowed more time to work on the business rather than in the business per se and members enjoyed the freedom of Ross Golf Course during lockdowns and restrictions.

Ongoing improvements to the course have been widely applauded, a new world class online booking system has been invested in and a new tag system which will be rolled out from February 2022. New signage and sponsorship opportunities are available, a new website has been built and tasteful welcome packs for new members have been designed also, all exciting steps forward for the club as we all embrace our new found freedom. This investment has been combined with additional resources and personnel has enhanced the overall member and visitor experience, rewarded valued members and helped to recruit new ones also.


Horse Racing

The proposed plan will have no impact on the four racing festivals catered for throughout the year. These take place in May, July, August and October annually. The economic impact of racing at Killarney to the local community is without question a vital part of the tourism, sporting and social calendar, attracting visitors from near and far to Ireland’s most scenic racecourse. Investment in the facilities serving this arm of the business has also been significant in recent years with a new stable yard, parade ring, refurbishment of the Maurice O’Donoghue Stand overlooking the winning line and many enhancements of the course too. Members of the Killarney Racegoers Club will not be affected in any way by the proposed plans. It is envisioned that should Killarney Glamping be successful in the application, race and stay packages will be much sought after during the season with some hoping to add a visit and stay at Ireland’s most scenic racecourse to their bucket list!


New Walking Trail

The wonderful new walking trail and cycle path between Muckross Road and Ross Road have been a welcomed and very positive development in the area. Killarney Racecourse has demonstrated its commitment to the community and facilitated the walkway which has proved very popular with many locals and visitors enjoying a stroll for exercise and leisure. This combined with the fantastic Navé Coffee House offering has worked well to make the racecourse facilities a real hub within the community where friends and families can sit and enjoy the ample outdoor seating and splendid racecourse facilities and views while they enjoy their mid-walk refreshments.


New Entrance

A stunning new entrance is in its final stages of development which will create a real sense of arrival and occasion when patrons enter the grounds of the venue for years to come. It’s another sign of the board of management’s commitment to excellence and sets the tone for the unrivalled offerings that visitors can enjoy on the grounds. The entrance will be officially unveiled and formally opened in quarter two of this year.


Celtic Steps

Since its inception in the Summer of 2012, the spellbinding production that is, Celtic Steps was born when performers, producers and friends David Rea and Sean Murphy commenced the development of their vision. A residency at the venue at Killarney Racecourse quickly followed and has been a tremendous success during this time. The show has brought visitors from all over the world to the venue to enjoy exhilarating performances night after night and this has worked exceptionally well with the venue already designed to host large crowds in a most professional manner.



Driving Test Centre

Many nerves have been frayed over the years spectating at Killarney Racecourse but it’s fair to say that more frequently is it the learner drivers who rattle in and out of the venue at Killarney Racecourse. For fifteen years the RSA Driving Test Centre has been located at the conveniently located Killarney Racecourse which has seen many an off-course winner leave the venue with a smile. There will be no impact on the test centre as a result of the proposed plans for glamping at Killarney Racecourse.


Navé Coffee House and Yoga Studio

Killarney Race Company’s most recent addition to its venue has been a most popular one indeed. Yogis and coffee seekers from near and far are enjoying a visit to the wonderful facilities at Killarney Racecourse for exercise, caffeine and often on a mission for both. This exciting venture is run by Adrian and Elaine O’Donoghue, a local husband and wife duo who provide exceptional coffee, delicious food and wonderful classes to their valued customers each day.

Local groups of friends and families have taken to enjoying a regular visit to Navé Coffee House. There is ample space, a beautiful view, over fifty benches and lots of free parking to make it the perfect meet up place for a catch up with loved ones. Its location adjacent to the new walking trail and cycle pathway linking Muckross Road and Ross Road is ideal for those who wish to stop off for refreshments to break up their walk or cycle be it for leisure or pleasure. A popular spot for golf members to ‘espresso up’ before they head out or for that rewarding cappuccino and scone after nine holes, Navé has something for everyone. Since it opened in May 2021, Navé Coffee House has quickly established itself at the centre of the wonderful and diverse community hub which is evolving at Killarney Racecourse and Ross Golf Course in recent years.



Killarney Glamping applied for planning for fifteen bespoke glamping units at Killarney Racecourse on Wednesday, 26th of January. We believe it would be a wonderful addition to our racecourse, our town and our wider tourism offering here in Kerry, one that is a very good fit for our overall brand ethos and commitment to excellence here at Killarney Racecourse. Should you have any specific enquiries in relation to this or indeed any of our existing offerings here at Killarney Racecourse, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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